1953                    Born in Kibbutz Revadim, Israel

1975-1979           B.A., Department of Gold and Silversmithing, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design. Israel

1979-1980           Postgraduate Studies at the Rietveld Academy of Fine Arts, Amsterdam, NL

1986-1988           M.A. (Combined degree - practical and theoretical), Department of Plastic Arts, University of Paris VIII, Vincennes at Saint-Denis; F


Group Exhibitions

2007                    "Koach 17", Gallery Irony Ramla, Ramla.

                            "Heaven and Earth", Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv, Israel

2006                    "Sari Faran-Curator of Israeli Design", Soho, Tel Aviv, Israel

                            "Parures", travelling exhibition, F

                            SOFA, New York., USA

                            "Radiant", Galerie Ra, Amsterdam; NL

2005                    "Beaten Gold", Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv; Israel

                            "Recipients Prizes in Art and Design from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport, 2004",

                            "SAFE: Design Takes On Risk", MOMA, New York, USA

                            "SOFA" Chicago, USA

2004                    "Valuable Links", Maastricht, Sofia, Vienna; exhibition under the auspices of the Royal Netherlands Embassy, Vienna; A

                            "Birthday Party", The Gallery of Art, Legnica, PL

                            "Star Project" and exhibition, Synagogue Voehl, D

2003                    Co-Exhibition, V&V Galerie, Vienna, A

                            "Head Guard", Bezalel Academy, Tel Aviv, Israel

                            "Not Only Bowl", Thegallery, Shoeva.

2002                    “Exhibit”, Galerie Tactile, Geneva, I

2001                    "Not Themselves Reused Objects", Israeli painters

                            & sculptors association, Tel Aviv, Israel

                            "Mikromegas", Galerie of BKV (Bavarian Association

                            for Art and Crafts), Munich; D

                            “Maskerade”, Galerie Ra, Amsterdam, NL

                            rings exhibition, Galerie Stuhler, Berlin, D

                            “SOFA”, Chicago; USA

1999                    "A Matter of Material", travelling exhibition, USA.

                            "People, Tolerance and Fashion", Interdisciplinary Center for Arts and Science,Holon,

                            "70 Designers in tribute to Izzika Gaon", Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Israel

                            "About the Body", Museums Forum for Art, Israel.

1998                    "Friendship Rings", Michele Zeller Gallery, Bern, CH

                            "Accessories for Men", Michele Zeller Gallery, Bern; CH

                            "Jewelry Moves", Royal Museum, Edinburgh, GB

                            "SOFA", Chicago, New York; USA

                            "Studs of Silver/Israeli Jewelry", Eretz Israel Museum, Ramat Aviv, Israel

                            "Continuity and Change: 92 Years of Judaica at Bezalel", travelling exhibition;

1997                    Diamond Jewelry Competition, Israel Export Institute, Tel Aviv, Israel

                            Symposium 97 Exhibition, Okreshi Museum, Ceskeho Raje, Turnov; SK

1996                    "Reasonable Physical Force", Ami Steinitz Gallery,

                            Tel Aviv, Israel

                            "Schmuckszene", Munich; D

1995                    "Object Object," Kfar Saba Museum, Herzliya Museum and Ein Hod

                            "Passion and Profession", Galerie Ra, Amsterdam; NL

1994                    "Beyond Jewelry - Design as Comment", Bezalel 1, Jerusalem.

1993                    "Schmuckszene", Munich; D

                            "Five Stones", Herzliya Museum and travelling exhibition.

1992                    "A Stone, a Touch, a Jewel", Diamond Museum, Ramat Gan.

                            "Triennale du Bijou", Musee Des Arts Decoratifs, Paris; F

                            "Seams", Ashdod Museum, Yad Le Banim, Petach Tikva Museum and Haifa University Gallery of Art; Israel

1991                    Travelling exhibition, Alix de Rothschild Foundation.

1991                    "Very Important Objects", Harmony, Jerusalem, Israel

                            "Jewelery Arsenals", Kunst-Handwerk Museum, Frankfurt; D

1990                     "Thema V & V", Galerie V & V, Vienna; A

                             "Triennale du Bijou", Musee du Luxembourg, Paris; F

1988                     "Fiac Edition", Grand Palais, Paris; F

1987                     "1ere Biennale du Bijou", Hotel de Sens, Paris; F

1986                     "10 Years Ra", Galerie Ra, Amsterdam; NL

1985                    "New Jewelry", Kulturhuset, Stockholm; S

                            "Neon 1975-85", Louvain-la-Neuve Museum, B

1984                    "Contemporary Jewelry", National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto and Tokyo; J

1983                    Bezalel exhibition, Porte de Versailles, Paris; F

                             Bezalel traveling exhibition - American venues.

1982                    "Schmuck '82 Tendenzen", Schmuckmuseum, Pforzheim; D

                            "Modern Israeli Jewelry", Mikomoto Hall, Tokyo; J

                            "Bezalel Graduate", The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Israel

1981                    "Retrospective Francoise Van den Bosch", Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam; NL

1980                    Galerie Alto, Rotterdam; NL

1980                    "Schmuck International 1900-1980", Künstlerhaus, Vienna; A

1981                     "Versierde Mode", Confectie Centrum, Amsterdam; NL

                            Bezalel exhibition, de Zonnehof, Amersfoort, NL

1979                    "Christmas 1980", Stedelijk Museum, Schiedam; NL

1979                    "Christmas 1980", Electrum Gallery, London; GB

1979                    Bezalel exhibition, Plaza Hotel, Jerusalem; Israel

1979                    "Armschmuck", Schmuckmuseum, Pforzheim, D

1978                    Bezalel traveling exhibition shown at European and American venues.


Solo and Co Exhibitions

2007                    Solo exhibition, "Branching", Gallery Ziggurat, Jerusalem.

2007                    Co-Exhibition, "Crafting A Culture", Gallery Loupe, Montclair,NJ, USA.

2006                    "Women's Tales - Four Israeli Jewellers", Racine Art Musuem, Wisconsin, USA.

2005                    Co-Exhibition, Galerie V & V, Vienna, A

2005                    Co-Exhibition, With Esther Knobel, Galerie "Hipotesi", Barcelona, E

2005                    Solo Exhibition, Galerie Ra, Amsterdam, NL

2003                    Co-Exhibition, With Esther Knobel and Deganit Stern Schocken, Galerie Tactil, Geneva, I

2001                    Co-Exhibition, With Esther Knobel and Deganit Stern Schocken, Marijke Studio,Padova; I

1999                    Solo Exhibition, Periscope Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel

1996                    Solo Exhibition, Galerie Ra, Amsterdam, NL

1992                    Co-Exhibition, With Esther Knobel, Kalisher Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel

1992                    Co-Exhibition, With Esther Knobel, Galerie Ra, Amsterdam, NL

1991                     Solo Exhibition, Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Israel

1991                    Solo Exhibition, Galerie V & V, Vienna; A

1986                    Solo Exhibition, Galerie Pegotty, Paris, F

1981                    Co-Exhibition, With Esther Knobel, Galerie Ra, Amsterdam, NL

1981                     Co-Exhibition, Galerie Neon, Brussels, B


Honors & Grants

2004                    Israel Ministry of Culture Design Prize.

                            First prize of The Crate and Barrel Israeli Product Design Award for the Home and Its Surroundings

1996                    Co-winner, With Esther Knobel, The International Judaica Design Competition/Jerusalem - 3000 Years.

1987                    Prize, Alix de Rothschild Foundation, Jerusalem, Israel

1985 - 88             French Government M.A. Grant.

1980                    Amsterdam Jewish Community Grant.

1979                    Bezalel Academy Prize of Excellence

1978                    City of Jerusalem Prize of Distinction.

1977                    Bezalel Academy Prize of Excellence.

                            Shapiro Prize for Judaica.



2005                    Visiting Lecturer, Escola Massana, Barcelona, E

2002                    Visiting Lecturer, Haute Ecole D'Arts Applique, Geneve, CH

1996                    Visiting Lecturer, Rietveld Academy of Fine Arts, Amsterdam, NL

1996                    Visiting Lecturer, Academy of Art, Munich, D

1994                    Visiting Lecturer, Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), Providence,

1989 - 90             Jewelry Design, College of Design, WIZO, Haifa, Israel

1988 - 89             Jewelry Design, "Memad" School of Art, Tel Aviv.

1988 - 90             Professor, Department of Jewelry and Fashion Design, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem, Israel

1987                    Jewelry Design, B.J.O. Formation, Academie International de Stylisme, Paris; F


Other Proffessional Activities

2007                    Member, Judging Panel, The Andrea M. Bronfman Prize for the Arts -

                            "The Andy", Jerusalem, Israel

2005                    "Ad©ersity" Exhibition for Bezalel students, Galerie Ra, Amsterdam, NL

2002                    Participation and represention of the Bezalel Academy Jewelry Department, “Ornament, is it still a crime?” symposium, Geneva; I

2001                    Curator, “Israeli Jewelry 2” exhibition, Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv, Israel

2001                    Member, Judging Panel, Israel Ministry of Science, Culture and Sport, - Jewelry grant

1999 - 01             Member, Public Council for Culture and Art (Plastic Arts), Israel

1999                    Tel Aviv Museum Benefit Auction in France (Sotheby’s), F

1998                    Design of trophy, “Aviv” Prize, America – Israel Cultural Foundation.

1997                    Curator "Nidbach", The Artists House, Jerusalem, Israel

1997                    Partipated/Lectured at Symposium 97, Okresni Museum, Ceskeho Raje, Turnov, SK


Works in Public Collections

Spertus Museum, Chicago, USA

Stedelijk Museum, NL

Musee des Arts Decoratifs, Paris, F

Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Dept. of Design, Israel

Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Dept. of Judaica, Israel

Vydalo Okresni, Turno, Chech Republic.

New Pinakothek der Moderne Museum, Munich., D